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By katatian - Oktober 30, 2010

I can't deny my self to lovin fashion. It becomes a part of human life and however we always respect about it. But I never claim my self as a fashion addict or a victim of fashion. So I wear the clothes which fit to my body even if that outfit was so out of date or we called it 'jadul'. Sometimes, I wanna playin' around with my wardrobe. Pick some clothes and mix it with others. It sounds kewl but I have no extra time to capture that moment. So, here it goes, I prefer to playin' LOOKLET.COM and let's check my look below :

1) Calm Cherie
Headband : Urban Outfitters
Earing : Gold Digger
Handbag : Topshop
Necklace : Patrizia Pepe
Mini Dress : Zetterberg
Heels : Ilse Jacobsen

2) La Nuit
Handbag : Botkier
Bracelet & Necklace : Vintage
Vest & Boots : Topshop
Tanktop : Cracker Pep!
Short : Levi'strauss
Tights : Bluefox

3) Redaholic
Headband : Western Store
Handbag : Van Deurs
Paperbag : Bottega Vaneta & NK
Bracelet : Bianco Footwear
Necklace : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shirt : Gant
Tanktop : Mads Norgaard
Boots : Ayayo
Tights : H&M

3) Roller Blade
Turban : Effea
Jeans jacket : Maskerad affären
Shorts : Tokyo Stop

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