Another Wonderful Wednesday

By katatian - Oktober 28, 2010

I get up on 9 am and as usual, check my phone. Find some text message there and realize that I must do something today. I have a plan before, to hunt some picture about 'batik'. Of course it means, I do it for a photography challenge. The event that organized by SMAN 1 Batu. So here it goes my activities today :

09.30 go to Batu City with Rachmad Adi Webawa
10.00 Welcome in Batu City, heading to SMAN 1 and feelin' like a stranger there
11.00 Heading to 'Batik Raden Wijaya' at Lajar then take some picture there
12.00 Back to my home for a moment then go to 'Batik Madura' #missionfailed
12.30 Lost in Ciliwung! Then stuck on 'Es Doger + Tahu Sumedang' #kelaperan
01.00 Tired! But the journey have no finished :(
01.30 Hunting again and again and again
02.30 Soekarno Hatta Street, and I saw
someone in somewhere :)
03.00 SO TIRED and SLEEPY oh my god !
06.00 at home

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