No Way Back to Love!

By katatian - Oktober 25, 2010

Live your life, and I'll live mine
Baby you'll do well, and I'll be fine
Cause we're better off, separated

– Usher - Separated
Nothing special today, except a single ringtone from my phone while I enjoy my solitaire time. Aha! There is a stranger number and I dunno who he is. But suddenly I realize it was a long time ago, when I was 17 and not being single. Exactly, I got a message from my ex-boyfriend. Who accompanied me during 3 years ago in high school. And guess what, he texted me about my self. Anything, eventhough some things that I almost forget. Not almost, but I had forget it all. He still remember my full name, my birthday, my mom's name, my hometown, my hobbies, my style, my favourite beverages and many more. Damn! I hate this situation, so much. Even I always regret about our relationshit but I never think that he still reminds about me everyday. Actually, I was trying hard to forget about the past, I didn't want to be hurt anymore, darl! It's just hurt our self together in a very epic way.

:) It's over and we have choose another way. God is the best director and we will find another happy ending, not together. So let's say goodbye. I don't wanna look back again, even the memories is obviously the sweetest part of my life.

And thanks to Mr.Brightside who call me tonite. Suddenly (and always) makes me gettin' better. I wish you get well soon, Sir! I'm waiting to see your smile again. Aha! And for tonite, I disagree with Haley Bannet who sing A Way Back To Love's song.

Because the tittle tonite is : NO WAY BACK TO LOVE, exactly your love, my ex :) addios!

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